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Stirb langsam: Jetzt erst recht

In "stirb hart drei" is a traurigen Höhepunkt of the komischen Filmdeutsch reached, which so schnell cannot overtroffen be. But let's it versuchen here! Over the story will we here not too many words verlieren, because it begins schon ziemlich hairsträubing. A großen bösen German Bösewicht calls on the Telefon and will John McClane speaken, um him ein paar total bescheuert puzzles to ask. One of diesen is "I went one time from Nauen to Plauen". To make the Rätsels a little more spanning, spreng the Bösewicht's friends mal eben parts of the Stadt in the air and schweiß the Bleichgesicht McClane and his schwarzen Buddy fest together. They eier most of the film together herum and krieg teilweise fies in the Fresse gepunched. With Eisenstängs or Schuhen or what else in the Gegend herumlies and for the Bösewichts to greifen is. A böse Frau is also mit from the Partie. She says not viel, but schlitzes munter herum when the day long is. The real plan of the Bösen is only later offenbar. They want not spreng the Zügs, they want not in die Luft jag the schools, no, they have it on the gold in the Federal Reserve abgesehen. Yes, and they can abtransportier a Riesenmenge gold, which a Dichte of 19,32 g/cm3 has in a Dutzend Last-Waggons, obwohl schon a Würfel of 30 cm Käntenläng eine halbe ton weighs. If the 14 trucks are rändfull with the Edelmetall, they would not so wide mere fahren can.  But we will that geflissentlich ignorieren here. Good so that John and his friend lös all the Rätsels and that the Oberböse is damely enough to give John his Fläsch of Kopfschmerzmiddles with the name of their Fluchtpunkt on it. The Zuschauer is asking: Would that not have schneller gegang?  Could they not with one another have vertragen? Or made kurzen process a little früher? Yes, vielleicht, but then would the Filmfirma, who a lot of money in special effects put, but nur wenig money in the Sprachunterricht, nicht the Zuschauer with the most abwegig Filmdeutsch inspirieren could have that one is imstande zu austhink. Tilewise is it not to understand what they in the so genannten German say, auch when one the undertitles zuschalts! Aber the fluching and schimpfing of the Polizisten and their Kumpels can one good verstehen. It has most to do with a "mother figure" oder so what similar. Vielleicht  is it doch nicht so good to understand. John McClane flies manchmal auch out of riesige tunnels full mit Wasser in a giant Fontäne. But he can overlive that all! It is not to glaub, but he must aus hartem wood geschnitzt be! Good for New York is it finally that the Bösewichte are under another a little zerstritten, but the Guten hold fest together and have a heart for Kinders! Am end the Bösen auch say they have a Herz for Kinders and the Bombe is made aus Erbeersirup or so. So shall it be, and then can we also verzicht on "let it snow"! It is sowieso viel too warm in the city for Weihnachtszeit! And the filmstart was on the 19. May 1995. One konnte noch in films rauchen, that sei so nebenbei bemerked. Is that in "Die Hard 4" wohl auch noch so? Let's abwait! Oh, and nebenbei: this rezension is a Beispiel für Denglisch in a schamlosen art and wise - but only genauso schamlos as the film-German comes us vor!